Monday, July 11, 2016

Warning: The Following Post is NOT for charismatic viewers involvingall healing

Please pray before reading and remember: Practice what you PREACH! Amen?

Do you ever wonder what your church life MUST look like to God? If you don’t, take a look at this radio podcast to have a clue. 
Years back, as mentioned in my post:, I was at Bethel AGAIN! 
This time a lady who was on stage with me  praying over me, caused me to fall backwards onto the floor. Nuts? Now let’s go deeper. 
She and my mom who was with me after I “fell” were still praying over me no matter how hard I resisted. Eventually, this woman prayed a prayer I will NEVER forget: “And Lord I break the addiction of these drugs in Jesus name!” 
This was after I fell again when she prayed because I tried to get up and she knocked me on my head! 

Pause for a minute.

Now why would a loving mother and brother continue in rivalry against God when they think it’s the devil keeping me locked up in this “disease?” To them, mental illness is a disease. 
Here lies the issue: Several years ago, I had a mental breakdown due to dealing with my father’s passing: As you well know, this involved about two hospital visits where I was eventually moved to Tennessee. 
However, you must know and understand that I am now stable in both body and spirit, so, there is no need for a “healing.” 

The link that I am about to give you have probably heard me give before, but just try it sometime and hopefully, this time, it will stick:

Please pray for me and my family, those who are new believers and are long term believers: PLEASE PRAY! Pray that the charismatic prayers all over the globe would stop involving my healing that I don’t need! I don’t want to be put in another hospital bed because some pastor took me off my medications unlawfully. 

Thank you for your prayers (no matter who you are reading my posts) I deeply appreciate it and love you so!

Prayers: are ALL I need! Nothing more to do here but pray! Thank you!


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