Monday, July 25, 2016

Fires: How the simple state of Emergency can affect your life

Have you ever experienced a blaze of flames?
The picture above is a picture that I just took of a blaze headed our way to Carmel, California. 
Let's pray: Lord Jesus we praise you for the fact that you are the Almighty God and that nothing is too impossible for you! Jesus we as your people cry out for mercy regarding this blaze! Please do let it come ANY closer than it is! We thank you Lord Jesus for what you are about to do in the firefighters lives who are fighting this fire. Give them strength to fight the blaze. Lord if we have to evacuate our homes, let it be so. Thy will be done! In Jesus Name, amen.

Pray for us all! May Jesus bless you al as you read my writing. 

Keep praying. It's working!


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