Saturday, November 16, 2013

How Life Can Change Feat. Music Video by Tenth Avenue North

You know, to tell you the truth living in this world can be a complicated thing. You know what I mean? For instance, your boyfriend calls you way too much and you want to quit on him but God is telling you "no." And on top of that you are figuring out what to do for Christmas this year since last year was a bummer.

But here's the catch: Yeah, life is tough but I have a few phrases for you. "Never Give Up Praying" and "Hang In There." Jesus is coming for those of you who don't know: He is coming quickly!
I want you to stop and check out this video for a few minutes and please leave your comments below about how it inspired you today.
Tenth Avenue North

Love to all!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Losses and Grief: How do you Preserver Through the Fire?

Have you ever lost something near and dear to you like a pet or a personal friend? Well here's my story to give you a clue.

Just the other night I came home from a date with my boyfriend when I found out a friend of mine's doggy got run over. We don't know the status why it happened the way it did, but I just pray that the dog is in Good hands. 

Today, I went out of my way after church to buy some flowers and a card for that friend's loss. Please pray for the suffering and grieving that she has to go through. 

May the God of Jacob, Abraham and Isaac comfort you if you are suffering through a loss. Share your story below. I'd absolutely love to hear how this God has brought you through. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

God Fearing Pregnancy and Babies The truth about Sex

If you're ever wondering what having a baby is like, take a good look at this video. Now, you're probably thinking: "This woman has NEVER had a baby so how can she know?" Newsflash: I know a lot about babies even though I have never had one.

When I was living in Tennessee, I learned about babies the whole nine yards. We were educated with a  annual Sexual Education each semester. We would basically have a chat about sex and watch a video on pregnancy.

Before I moved to Tennessee, I moved from Sunnyvale to a placement in Utah. But when I was there after two weeks, I woke up from a dream that told me I was going to have a son (by birth) and name him Jesus. How silly! But it wasn't my fault, it was the medication I was on.

Now because of the fact that I was not pregnant and I will NEVER become pregnant, I know that it is not okay under any circumstances to lie about stuff like that. But here's the bottom line: The bottom line is if you young women and men (teens and young adults) decide to become pregnant, think about your future first and then the baby's future. Get married. Live together. Get used to the fact of being together for years to come. Then when you're ready and when God feels ready for you and your partner to have a baby, go right ahead. If God says you are ready go for it! I highly encourage you to read 1 Corinthians 7-8 which discusses marriage and sex life before you get started. Just my suggestion.

I hope and pray that you will get to know Jesus a little or a lot more before you do the "deed." Anyway, I am just praying for all my readers out there that they would follow wherever Jesus takes them. Sometimes it's a leap of faith, sometimes baby steps. Who knows?

Hope this reading encourages you all and brings you to salvation in Jesus Christ!

God Bless!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Who Are You In Christ?

You know what I think? I think you and I are more. Check out this video from Mike from Tenth Avenue North.

I think that he explains it well. If you think you are less than anyone or anything, you  need to turn to Jesus.

God Bless!