Monday, February 29, 2016

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ: How to be Real with others

Jesus sent you and I out! Yes, us! Why? 
Matthew 10:1 NLT
[1] Jesus called his twelve disciples together and gave them authority to cast out evil spirits and to heal every kind of disease and illness.

To preach the Gospel and heal the sick along with raising the dead. We are all called to do this work. You feel me? We are called to step out in faith and believe that what the Lord has assigned each of us will be accomplished! 
Not only does Jesus LOVE you, but he desires that you love him in return by sharing how he has worked in your life with others including those who don't know Him! 
So seriously, step out in faith and share all of these blogs with friends and family and what you have learned from Him and me so far!

Many blessings! 

Falling For Jesus: How you Cannot Survive without Him

Fallen for someone? How about the Lord Jesus?

He loves you back More than you know! More than you get out of your loved ones! Wow! What an amazing Love! 
He fell madly in love with you before the world was created! How amazing is that kind of love? Pretty amazing! 

Hope you understand how much He loves you! 
Matthew 12:18 NIrV
[18] "Here is my servant. I have chosen him. He is the one I love. I am very pleased with him. I will put my Spirit on him. He will announce to the nations that everything will be made right.
Matthew 10:37 NIrV
[37] "Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me. Anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

Jesus seriously BURNS for you!

He fell in love when he created your innermost being and knit you together in your mother's womb! Amen? Amen!

Blessings my readers! 

Emergencies always happen: How To Awaken to the Bible

Have you ever had the experience of an emergency where you had to make a phone call? 
Try this: since emotions can take a toll on us most times, try looking up the following scripture passages when you feel what is described below:

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Purity: How we view it in this society today and how Jesus looked on earth

Today's message was about Purity. We are doing a series called Pure and I will admit: today we don't talk about purity often or at all anymore in today's world! 
Yes, shocking isn't it? 
That's right! We ignore the subject of purity in this society today. Why? 
Listen to the music out there today. It is impure! Not talking Christian music or some Country music. I am talking about rap and hip hop and pop. 
Here is a clue from the word: 
Psalm 149:1-9 NIrV
[1] Praise the Lord. Sing a new song to the Lord. Sing praise to him in the community of his faithful people. [2] Let Israel be filled with joy because God is their Maker. Let the people of Zion be glad because he is their King. [3] Let them praise his name with dancing. Let them make music to him with harps and tambourines. [4] The Lord takes delight in his people. He saves those who aren't proud. He makes them feel like kings. [5] Let his faithful people be filled with joy because of that honor. Let them sing with joy even when they are lying in bed. [6] May they praise God with their mouths. May they hold in their hands a sword that has two edges. [7] Let them pay the nations back. Let them punish the people of the earth. [8] Let them put the kings of those nations in chains. Let them put their nobles in iron chains. [9] Let them carry out God's sentence against the nations. That will bring glory to all of his faithful people. Praise the Lord.

My readers: be careful what you listen to! Jesus does not want our minds and hearts listening to songs that seem positive but in reality and in the spirit realm, do not glorify Him. I am saying this with love, I hope I am not going against your taste of music. I am doing my level best to bring Heaven to Earth and look out for you as my readers! 

Hope this was encouraging to you! 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

How To Carry On In Life: The Real God Deal

What do you believe in? Jesus? God? Heaven or Hell? I want you to know that all four exist, but only Two will get you to where you need to be in life. This is Jesus and God who are the same. All three, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, are three Who's and One what. Yes this is true!

Many people today think that without God they can get along in life. I have News for you, you can't get along in life without either or! He burns for you and loves you unconditionally! I am speaking from His Heart for you!

May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob rest His perfect Peace amongst you and may you feel his presence ALWAYS!

Thanks for blogging with me!


What Real Faith is All About: How to Step Out in Obedience to Christ

Have you ever heard God call you to take a step or leap of faith? Maybe it was to tell someone a story from the pages of the Bible. Or maybe it was moving to another state, city or country.
Whatever the step or leap was or is, you can rest assured that you would not do it alone by yourself. Jesus is with you as I have said in the previous post.
Sometimes we get consumed with what He wants us to do next in that faith step or leap, but will sometimes give us just enough light for the step that we are on. When we take that step, then He gives us light for the next step and then the next!
I am taking this faith thing seriously! I care about you, but Jesus cares for you even MORE!

Faith means obeying God even when all our questions are not answered. It's not be foolish to trust Him no matter what, it's that in between when we don't know if everything will turn out okay that we come to know what real faith is. Real faith isn't a hopeful wish, it is making the decision that no matter the outcome we will choose to see it as His Perfect Answer. Through the good, the not so good, and even through the down right AWFUL we will TRUST God.
It also means we have decided to take those leaps or steps of faith with God then to walk away from Him.

Hope you are encouraged the next time God asks you to take that step or leap.
Sickness caught you? Be healed! Trouble in situations? Be encouraged!

Many blessings!

Peace and Love: Just how do these fit your Schedule?

Who is Jesus to you? Maybe your thinking about what He means to you! That's exactly what I mean!
To me, Jesus is my Husband in Heaven and on earth. Why did I choose to make this statement my true identity to Him? Because He loved me first and loves me most!

Jesus loves you too, you know! Yes, that's right! His love runs DEEP and passionate for us who are his children. Wow! I can't imagine a more sweeter or intimate love than that! Jesus is sweeter than life itself!  Proverbs 17:33 The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, but the LORD tests the heart. 
Jesus wants to test your heart everyday. Will you give him your heart to test daily? I pray you would!

Many blessings!

Babysitting versus Parenting: How God views us

Do you ever wonder what babysitting children is like? Fact: I know! 
I have been babysitting children for almost two years. 
Now to those of you that are parents: remember that God is your Father as well. Yes, that's right! All throughout the Bible, he calls himself our Father and refers us as his children! Exciting! 
Your precious Heavenly Father loves to spend time with you! He wants to hug you like you are his child and love on you like you are his Son's Bride! Wow! 
And remember too that he loved us so much that he sent his only Son to ultimately pay the penalty for our sin which is death! 

So the next time you are upset because you lost a parent or loved one, remember that God is your Big Daddy. More than you know or imagine! 

Take care! 

Friday, February 26, 2016

How Fear Plays Any Role In Our Lives

God is bigger than ANYTHING you will ever face your whole life!
First of all, Jesus died on a Cross and suffered for our sins. Yes, that is correct! He suffered taking the judgement we deserve as people and died with the weight of this on his body while on the Cross!

Second, He finished his work on the earth by dying in our place and said, "it is FINISHED!" Wow! What an amazing love! And we get to experience it together as a family in God.

Now, tonight if you can't sleep, let me encourage you to pray before bed. I know He hears your cry! Read Psalm 34 and you will be encouraged!

See you tomorrow!

How To Deal With the Loss of a Loved One: A True Story about my Testimony in Christ

I have something to tell you readers. I have been over my father's death for officially a year now, and it has been a wonderful experience letting go of him and fully releasing him to Jesus.
Have you ever experienced the loss of a loved one? Or maybe it was a item, dream or career? I want to remind you that Jesus wants to move into that small open space and replace your anger with peace, your sadness with joy and your despair with hope.

I am praying for you friends. I appreciate your reads by the way! Keep it up! There's more at the Table from Jesus through me! Jesus wants ALL of you!

His Mercies are New every morning! Believe in Him! I pray you find hope and comfort in this post! More importantly, in Jesus!

The Darkest Hours and How Jesus Sees you through each night

Have you ever felt neglected by God or maybe even feel He has walked out on you? I have news for you: God has NEVER left your side, period! How do I know? I just know that Jesus is always there no matter what!

Wherever you are right now, know that Jesus is with you walking you through even your darkest days! Yes, that is right! He made it clear in His Word when he said he will NEVER leave you nor forsake you.

Yes, it may seem painful at times, but if you put your complete trust only in Christ, He will walk with you wherever you go!
Proverbs 3:5-6 says, "trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and he will direct your paths."

Come on now, someone shout Amen! God promised and STILL promises in His Word to never leave you! Because He is in LOVE with his Bride: you!

So what are you waiting for? God wants to invite you into His Kingdom!

Peace be with you! 

Prayer: How we view God when we talk to Him

How do you pray or know how to pray? Does Jesus really get everything from you? How about before you start your day?

Psalm 17:1-15 NIrV
[1] Lord, hear me when I ask you to treat me fairly. Listen to my cry for help. Hear my prayer. It doesn't come from lips that tell lies. [2] When you hand down your sentence, may it be in my favor. May your eyes see what is right. [3] Look deep down into my heart. Study me carefully at night. Put me to the test. You won't find anything wrong. I have made up my mind that my mouth won't say sinful things. [4] I don't do the things other people do. By obeying your word I have kept myself from acting like those who try to hurt others. [5] My steps have stayed on your paths. My feet have not slipped. [6] God, I call out to you because you will answer me. Listen to me. Hear my prayer. [7] Show the wonder of your great love. By using your powerful right hand, you save those who go to you for safety from their enemies. [8] Take good care of me, just as you would take care of your own eyes. Hide me in the shadow of your wings. [9] Save me from the sinful people who attack me. Save me from my deadly enemies who are all around me. [10] They make their hearts hard and stubborn. Their mouths speak with pride. [11] They have tracked me down. They are all around me. Their eyes watch for a chance to throw me to the ground. [12] They are like a hungry lion, waiting to attack. They are like a powerful lion, hiding in the bushes. [13] Lord, rise up. Oppose them and bring them down. With your sword, save me from those evil people. [14] Lord, by your power save me from people like that. They belong to this world. They get their reward in this life. You satisfy the hunger of those you love. Their children have plenty. And those children store up wealth for their children. [15] Because I do what is right, I will enjoy your blessing. When I wake up, I will be satisfied because I will see you.

Psalm 20:1-9 NIrV
[1] May the Lord answer you when you are in trouble. May the God of Jacob keep you safe. [2] May he send you help from the sacred tent. May he give you aid from Zion. [3] May he remember all of your sacrifices. May he accept your burnt offerings. Selah [4] May he give you what your heart longs for. May he make all of your plans succeed. [5] We will shout with joy when you win the battle. We will lift up our flags in the name of our God. May the Lord give you everything you ask for. [6] Now I know that the Lord saves his anointed king. He answers him from his holy heaven. The power of God's right hand saves the king. [7] Some trust in chariots. Some trust in horses. But we trust in the Lord our God. [8] They are brought to their knees and fall down. But we get up and stand firm. [9] Lord, save the king! Answer us when we call out to you!

This psalmist is right to talk about prayer. Learn to love to pray and give Jesus everything! 

Psalm 102:1-28 NIrV
[1] Lord, hear my prayer. Listen to my cry for help. [2] Don't turn your face away from me when I'm in trouble. Pay attention to me. When I call out for help, answer me quickly. [3] My days are disappearing like smoke. My body burns like glowing coals. [4] My strength has dried up like grass. I even forget to eat my food. [5] I groan out loud because of my suffering. I'm nothing but skin and bones. [6] I'm like a desert owl. I'm like an owl among destroyed buildings. [7] I can't sleep. I've become like a bird alone on a roof. [8] All day long my enemies laugh at me. Those who make fun of me use my name as a curse. [9] I eat ashes as my food. My tears fall into what I'm drinking. [10] You were very angry with me. So you picked me up and threw me away. [11] The days of my life are like an evening shadow. I dry up like grass. [12] But Lord, you are seated on your throne forever. Your fame will continue for all time to come. [13] You will rise up and show deep concern for Zion. The time has come for you to show favor to it. [14] The stones of your destroyed city are priceless to us. Even its dust brings deep concern to us. [15] The nations will worship the Lord. All of the kings on earth will respect his glorious power. [16] The Lord will build Zion again. He will appear in his glory. [17] He will answer the prayer of those who don't have anything. He won't say no to their cry for help. [18] Let this be written down for those born after us. Then people who are not yet born can praise the Lord. [19] Here is what should be written. "The Lord looked down from his temple in heaven. From heaven he viewed the earth. [20] He heard the groans of the prisoners. He set free those who were sentenced to death." [21] So people will talk about him in Zion. They will praise him in Jerusalem. [22] Nations and kingdoms will gather there to worship the Lord. [23] When I was still young, he took away my strength. He wasn't going to let me live much longer. [24] So I said, "My God, don't let me die in the middle of my life. You will live for all time to come. [25] In the beginning you made the earth secure. You placed it on its foundations. Your hands created the heavens. [26] They will pass away. But you will remain. They will all wear out like a piece of clothing. You will make them like clothes that are taken off and thrown away. [27] But you remain the same. Your years will never end. [28] Our children will live with you. Their sons and daughters will be safe in your care."

May Jesus bless you and look after you and give you His Peace! 🎁🛐✝

Marriage and How it is supposed to be in Christ

Have you ever felt sad or disappointed in your spouse? Lately, I have learned from Proverbs 31 Ministries that when you get into an argument with your husband (women) and wife (men), you are supposed to take a step back and be a Love Him spouse and not a fix him spouse. That's what God wants. He wants you both to focus your eyes on Him for He is your Husband and you are His Bride!
He wants the best for his married children and single children for they are married to Him! 
God bless all the marriages out there! 

Jesus was here: How the Spirit of God is alive and active

Jesus is alive and active today! Most of you are thinking, "How can He be alive and active when you can't see him?"
If you woke up this morning, you probably have a reason for getting up. (Most of you wonder why I am asking these questions.) 
But here is what I mean. I am talking about the fact that Jesus may one day take you home to be with Him in your sleep. Yes, that's right! He can choose to take you, or leave you here to finish the work he has carved out for you to complete! But you are not alone for He is with you. His Word says it all over. "Do not fear, for I am with you!" Declares the Lord.

Read the entire passage and I promise you will not be disappointed!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mazes: How to come out of Life's Struggles without a GPS

Imagine yourself in a maze this time, with no GPS to guide you home. Scary huh? Have you ever felt that way about life like God is not guiding you home?
Fortunately, Jesus knows the way home and He will guide you safely! How? It all starts with a simple prayer, Lord show me your Glory and light the way.

God created the universe, it didn't create itself. There was no beginning or end to God. He is the beginning and the end! He wants to lead you home safe and sound!  There is a way out my readers and it starts with a little thing I call faith!
Remember how much Jesus loves you! If you feel confused, let me remind you of this. His Love runs deeper than you could ever imagine or think about!
Hope you travel the world and share this good news with others that need Him and that have Him as Lord and Savior!


Christianity: the Truth behind Sin and Regret and How you handle Both

Have you ever done or said something that you REALLY regretted felt horrible afterwards? I am asking because I have been there. I know what it is like to feel deep regret after I have done something wrong.

Hang in there friend! No, seriously, hang onto Jesus Christ! He can wash away your sin(s) as white as  snow! In fact, let me repeat myself, whiter then snow!

In other words, once you have come to the cross and accepted His only Sacrifice, you are no longer judged like this world will be one day! Yes, that's right, He washes you CLEAN before his eyes as his Holy and Spotless Bride! Jesus is so in Love with you that He wants EVERYTHING from you! He wants it ALL! And you are forgiven even if you sin in the near future, you're sins are already forgiven. All you need to pray when you've sinned is: "Lord forgive me and thank you for making me clean!" He knows you inside and out! He wants you, BAD! Give him all you've got! If you're addicted to something that you know if hindering or holding you back from a relationship with the Man Christ Jesus, give it UP! Sexiness, sex drive, drugs, alcohol, beer and rap music meaning the bad stuff that is out there!

He can turn all this stuff you hand Him, into a message. Trust Jesus, He loves you!

And so do I!


Valentines versus True Love and How the World views it

How do you feel about love? Maybe you're trying to find love. I strongly recommend that you look no further! 
Jesus is your ultimate source of what love is and can mean for all of us. His death on the Cross was proof enough that he loves you and I! Yes, I mean it! 

Read 1 Corinthians 13 which is about love and Who love is. 

This photo taken below was a crafted picture of a heart for Valentine's Day. This is how I love and care for you all. No seriously, I do! 

Sometimes I think we get caught in what love means to the world. This is especially true when it comes to rap music and the like. My view is God's view of love not the other way around! 
Read Isaiah 40 and 61 the whole chapters and you will understand what love is! 

My love to all! 

The sun is shining through the rooftops: How we wake up early every morning

Do you ever feel sluggish in the morning that you don't want to get out of bed? Or how about traffic? How is that looking in the morning for you?
There is comfort in getting up early in the morning. It starts with Jesus because like I said in my last post about mornings, we all need to start our day off right, amen?

Well my readers, I sure hope this helped a bit or a lot!

Happy days!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to Sing and Perform for an Audience of One

How do you sing and dance? Maybe you dance to your favorite music or maybe to a tune.
Whatever you do, you can do it with confidence knowing that there is a audience of One watching!

Over the years, I have learned that it doesn't matter who is watching my dance moves or hears my song. I learned (growing up) that The Lord is my Audience and that I need to focus only on Him and not the people watching. Britt Nicole's song, can help you understand what I am talking about when I say Audience of One.

Jesus gave us all a gift/talent that he entrusted us each with. We must use each gift and talent wisely in order to bear good fruit for example. One of the ways we can do this is by letting go of every single fear and dream and laying them down at the Lord's Feet. How?

Just fall on your knees before Him and be at peace when you leave.

Hope you find encouragement in all my posts! 

Many blessings!

Dating Versus Marriage: How Do You Share the Love of the Father?

"Go like the wind!" You've heard it said before, right? Why not try to glow like Christians with the love of Christ Jesus?
This is what I'm talking about. To glow means to give off light or electricity in a room that is completely pitch black as described in the song. That is, if you know what it means to glow with the love of Christ which is what she is talking about.

I am one of those people that constantly glow with the love of the Father for His Bride day by day.  In fact, to tell you the truth about me, I am not the only Bride He has chosen. He has chosen you as well and wants nothing but your heart and soul. On top of that, He also longs for a intimate and a deep/personal relationship with you my readers.

How dating relates to a relationship with God
Say for instance, you asked someone out on a date. You don't jump into a relationship right away because you want to build a strong foundation with that person. So, you start out as friends, then best friends followed by boyfriend and girlfriend relationship when you are ready. My experience as you know, has been problematic for me. But what I am saying is, you never want to rush anyone or anything in regards to relationships.

The ideal picture in this post is how God pictures you. We don't start of dating rather, we are born again as believers and are Married to Him in intimacy with God. He is MADLY in love with you! Tell him EVERYTHING that is on your heart and deeply personal to you. Don't be shy! He is not going to judge you at all! He will just listen with His ear close to your heart as you pour out to Him in surrender daily!

Jesus even talks about you in Heaven daily! "Look at my daughter/son and how she/he grows Daddy. I am impressed by how mature they have become in me and how they become more like me." (He told me that, so I am passing it on to you.)

If you give Him everything that is on your heart and mind, He can turn it into a message for someone else. How cool is that? Wow! I have NEVER had a Husband like Him love me and you in such a manner!

Well, I hoped this inspired you to go out there and truly have the Spirit of glowing for Jesus!

God bless!

How to praise Jesus in the morning and throughout your days!

Praise Jesus for waking me up this morning. Praise Him that I am alive today and praise Him that I woke up this morning!
These words are a simple prayer but are critical to our thinking when we first wake up in the morning. Our first thought should be Jesus and nothing before that! 
That prayer helps me get ready in the morning and I worship throughout my day. 
How much does Jesus love us? More than ever before! He is madly in love with you and with me! I love you, but He loves you more! 
So praise Him everyday and don't stop listening to His still small Voice inside you that says, "I love you!"


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Happy Days In Christ: A True Story Regarding My Relationship With theOne That Loves You Most!

Jesus wants You! Yes, your love, sex drive including sexual sin (if you have it) and everything in between! I have discovered that the Man Jesus is my Lover and I am His beloved. I am known to be His Bride!

Guess what? You are His too!

The Lord fell madly in love with me almost 17 years ago, as long as my baby brother has been alive! Why share this good news?
Because I feel it is time to open up to us all and expose the real ME!

In February 1999, my little brother was born. He was such a sweet baby and loved my parents and I a LOT! So much, that on my 8th birthday, he smiled for the first time. That was amazing to me!

On October 3, 1999, I came forward and accepted Christ Jesus as my Holy Husband. The next week, which was on October 10, 1999, I was water baptized and given a backpack and a Bible. Hours later, my brother and I did photo shoots where he was christened. I really enjoyed growing up with this young man who is as sweet as heck!

To be honest, because of the fact that his birth took place the same year as my acceptance and baptism, it always reminds me how to pray into his life. I pray just like you moms and dads pray into your children's lives and I never stop, period.

I love you my readers and pray that this post helps you understand how deep and how wide Christ's Love is for you! It is more than you could ever stand! It's like a chasing game, you stay or run from or to him and He constantly and restlessly chases you back as you chase Him! I discovered that today and it is true! He is so MADLY in love with you that He wants to (at night) crawl into bed with you and snuggle up close and deeply personal with you!  He wants you so bad He can't contain Himself as He sits on the edge of the Throne he is on just to get a glimpse of your beautiful face because you are His chosen Bride.

Prayer Requests? Follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook for further details.

Love to all!

Many blessings!

From Sun Rise to Sunset: How You find encouragement when your world falls apart!

Have you ever been a situation where you feel like your whole world is falling apart or is going to fall apart?
Jesus loves you and I and wants us to realize that the sun is rising above us and everything will be alright! More importantly, He wants us to know that only He is in control, and loves us more than we could ever dream about.

I encourage you to read the verses above in order to grow in your faith and flourish as a child of God.

Greater is His love that is in Him than our parents, family members, and friends ever loved or will love us. Rest assured my readers that Jesus is with you always. 

God bless!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Taking Steps or Leaps of Faith: How to be Brave Men and Women of God

Have you ever been afraid to do something you know God has been calling you to do it? Britt Nicole's song can help you understand what really taking a step of faith is all about!
How do you feel about taking maybe that leap of faith when God calls you to?

My challenge for you today is to take that extra step or leap when He calls you to! Take from someone who knows what she is doing in Christ and in Spirit.
Don't be afraid to say it or do what Jesus has assigned you to accomplish. He is always with you. Joshua 1:9 make it clear that he will never leave you or forsake you!

So go and accomplish anything the Lord has assigned you to do! With His help, you can do anything with Him by your side!

God bless and hope and pray this helped out a lot!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Who Were Jesus' Parent's While the Real Question is: Can I make itthrough this?

Who is Jesus' mother? She is more than a virgin. She was chosen by God to conceive Him. She was just like you as moms: struggled with her babies, made money to keep her home and job, and prayed regularly over her family.

Jesus grew up like you and I. Yes, that's right! He sucked his thumb as a baby, learned to walk and talk as a toddler/3 year-old and struggled with sin. But he NEVER sinned. Why? Because he was made to be perfect and complete and we as Christians were conformed to be made in the image of the Man Jesus.

If you think and feel that you are alone in your struggle with either sinning or parenting, Jesus and Mary know how you feel because they have been there. They know what it is like to have ups and downs and sometimes (as a mom) no peace.

But guess what? Before there was Mary, there was Eve. Yes, this mother felt the same way you do today as a woman. God gave her strength just as He did Mary. Don't feel bad! If you struggle with either sin and parenthood or both, I would encourage you to dig into God's Word.
Whether you're a single parent, or married with children, I encourage you to constantly Like I said, Jesus, Mary and Eve oh, and Joseph (Mary's husband) know how you feel. So, depend on not them, but on God. Then you will find peace, love and joy whether you're a parent or family friend. Or just a coworker at work. Share these encouraging words with people who are going through the same issues and people you don't know and do know. Spread the Gospel.

Take care my readers!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spending Money Versus Letting God Handle Our Finances: A True Story

How do you deal with your budgeting and finances? Maybe you spend or save either a lot or a little. I hope you understand about this subject today because it is important.

Money is money. You have heard it all said before: Money makes the World Go 'Round! Right? Hopefully you can pray after reading my surprise: hint: it's in the text!

I struggle with spending money let me admit. But I have learned not to let money become a god according to the Bible! Unfortunately, there are companies out there that say things like: buy this and you'll be fully satisfied! Not true!

There is the Fruit of the Spirit called Self Control and boy do we need to bear that Fruit bad! Steps I am taking are being cautious about where my money goes by tithing it First! This means I give only 10% of my incomes to The Lord at church. He takes it and multiplies it ten fold.

Then, I spent 10% and live on 80%. Yes, the rule applies to all of us, not just me!

I am praying for you friends and if you need more encouragement, like me on Facebook: or follow me on Twitter:

Lord Jesus, I know I need to get it together with my money habits. Please forgive me for spending too much and not saving enough and not giving 10% back to you. I release the chains of money that may be holding me back from honoring you in this area of my life. I confess the habits I have of spending too much and turn towards you and your Healing Power. Thank you Lord that I can come boldly before your Throne of Grace and confess my habits. I look forward to Listening to your still small Voice that encourages me to be honest with my finances. I Love you Jesus. In your Name, amen.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Setting the Word Ablaze in Your Heart While Sharing it with the World

What does it look like for the world to be set ablaze? You're probably asking the same question that I am which is: "Wouldn't it be cool if the world was to be set on Fire for Jesus Christ?"
Good question. Set The World On Fire by Britt Nicole, answers your question.

Maybe you're thinking, "How do I set the world on Fire for Jesus?"
Answer: However He commands you to! Maybe you can go out there at your local school or workplace and share the Good News of Jesus. Or maybe you can buy a Cube that shows others about Christ Jesus. The choice is yours however you want to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I hope you do though!

God bless!

How Mercies Are Anew and Fresh every morning

Today is a great day to be more like Jesus! Why say that?
Because today, the world is really good at covering up happiness with worldly pleasures. Temperary moments of happiness can appear joyful at times, but if you have not noticed, in reality, at the end of the day, Jesus not only gets the Glory but He also is the world Peace (in fact, Prince of Peace) and to Him only be the Glory and honor and praise. Amen? 
Now for those of you who have not accepted Him as your Lord and Savior, I suggest you start right at this moment. If you are confused on how to pray or if you don't know how, ask the Holy Spirit to not just pray for you but to pray through you. Even for the first time. 
Jesus loves having you as His own and wants an intimate and personal relationship with His Bride, you. 
Well I sure hope this is a helpful post and there is more to come tonight my beloved readers. 
Bye for now. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

What Are You Worth More Than? Let's Find Out Shall We/?

Has the world ever told you that you are worth nothing or little worth something? I am asking because I have been there and know what it is like to feel this way. Gold by Britt Nicole can help you understand how much Jesus truly loves you and I.
He will never leave you or forsake you under any circumstances. Here is how the song began and was written. 
You are WORTH more than Gold!
Keep up the good work for Jesus and you will have success in life.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Standing: How We All Sometimes Stand Alone and Beside Others In theBattles We Fight!

Who reading this, knows how to fight a battle on their own? Maybe you need help. Today's topic has to deal with battles of the mind, spirit and heart: the Insides.
Ephesians makes it clear what we fight against on a daily basis. You don't have to fight this battle alone! I know this because I have been there. I know what it is like to walk around feeling like I need to have no one beside me except Christ to fight this battle for me. Have you ever been there?

I strongly encourage you to get in a bible study and study either by yourself or with a friend. It will help you alongside your journey of this Life. I wonder if you KNOW Jesus as your Lord and Savior.
I hope you find peace and comfort in whatever you may be struggling with.
Salvation comes by confession and believing that Jesus is Lord.
Here is a great website you can go to for Scripture reference:

Love to all!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Anger versus Tears: the Truth about conversations

Have you ever been in a discussion where suddenly your blood pressure sky rockets and the worst version of you screams to come out? Or how about you decide to back talk to your authority figures and get yourself in trouble?
Don't feel bad, Jesus can forgive you and all your sins. You just need to ask for forgiveness and His Peace will follow. 

Here is what I mean my readers. What I am talking about is when you find yourself in that tight spot it is time to pray and ask two crucial questions to yourself: 1. Is it worth all the while to react badly to this person? and 2. If I react in a snappy tone such as yelling or making a comeback that seems snappy to this person, what glory will come to God and His Son Jesus?

You see, we were made for nice words and calm conversations not arguing or talking back to those in authority. 
James 3 makes it clear that we cannot take the tongue. Hope you find Strength in Jesus and this post helps. 


Monday, February 8, 2016

Are you strong enough?

To those who think there not willingly strong enough to walk through the firry test of love: I encourage you to listen for God's still small voice. Pay attention and maybe he will guide you through the test. Sometimes he is behind the scenes and sometimes he is not hidden from us. 
My Christian challenge for you today is to take the next step in your faith and if you are not a believer in Christ, I invite you to pray. If you don't know how to pray, ask Jesus into your heart. 
Admit you are a sinner and are in need of a savior
Believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead
Confess with your mouth that he is your Lord and Savior

Are you Stronger than you think?


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Who is Jesus when the real question is Who is still Standing?

Who are you Jesus? This question gets asked a lot among believers in the faith. You know what I believe?
Britt Nicole's song answers all your questions regarding who He is. I have found God's perfect Peace in all of her songs and so can you! I pray that as you look toward Him, that you would love on those around you with the lyrics to this song.
Joy comes every single morning in Jesus I pray you realize this reality.
Until then, many blessings.