Sunday, February 28, 2016

Purity: How we view it in this society today and how Jesus looked on earth

Today's message was about Purity. We are doing a series called Pure and I will admit: today we don't talk about purity often or at all anymore in today's world! 
Yes, shocking isn't it? 
That's right! We ignore the subject of purity in this society today. Why? 
Listen to the music out there today. It is impure! Not talking Christian music or some Country music. I am talking about rap and hip hop and pop. 
Here is a clue from the word: 
Psalm 149:1-9 NIrV
[1] Praise the Lord. Sing a new song to the Lord. Sing praise to him in the community of his faithful people. [2] Let Israel be filled with joy because God is their Maker. Let the people of Zion be glad because he is their King. [3] Let them praise his name with dancing. Let them make music to him with harps and tambourines. [4] The Lord takes delight in his people. He saves those who aren't proud. He makes them feel like kings. [5] Let his faithful people be filled with joy because of that honor. Let them sing with joy even when they are lying in bed. [6] May they praise God with their mouths. May they hold in their hands a sword that has two edges. [7] Let them pay the nations back. Let them punish the people of the earth. [8] Let them put the kings of those nations in chains. Let them put their nobles in iron chains. [9] Let them carry out God's sentence against the nations. That will bring glory to all of his faithful people. Praise the Lord.

My readers: be careful what you listen to! Jesus does not want our minds and hearts listening to songs that seem positive but in reality and in the spirit realm, do not glorify Him. I am saying this with love, I hope I am not going against your taste of music. I am doing my level best to bring Heaven to Earth and look out for you as my readers! 

Hope this was encouraging to you! 

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