Saturday, February 27, 2016

What Real Faith is All About: How to Step Out in Obedience to Christ

Have you ever heard God call you to take a step or leap of faith? Maybe it was to tell someone a story from the pages of the Bible. Or maybe it was moving to another state, city or country.
Whatever the step or leap was or is, you can rest assured that you would not do it alone by yourself. Jesus is with you as I have said in the previous post.
Sometimes we get consumed with what He wants us to do next in that faith step or leap, but will sometimes give us just enough light for the step that we are on. When we take that step, then He gives us light for the next step and then the next!
I am taking this faith thing seriously! I care about you, but Jesus cares for you even MORE!

Faith means obeying God even when all our questions are not answered. It's not be foolish to trust Him no matter what, it's that in between when we don't know if everything will turn out okay that we come to know what real faith is. Real faith isn't a hopeful wish, it is making the decision that no matter the outcome we will choose to see it as His Perfect Answer. Through the good, the not so good, and even through the down right AWFUL we will TRUST God.
It also means we have decided to take those leaps or steps of faith with God then to walk away from Him.

Hope you are encouraged the next time God asks you to take that step or leap.
Sickness caught you? Be healed! Trouble in situations? Be encouraged!

Many blessings!

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