Sunday, February 21, 2016

Who Were Jesus' Parent's While the Real Question is: Can I make itthrough this?

Who is Jesus' mother? She is more than a virgin. She was chosen by God to conceive Him. She was just like you as moms: struggled with her babies, made money to keep her home and job, and prayed regularly over her family.

Jesus grew up like you and I. Yes, that's right! He sucked his thumb as a baby, learned to walk and talk as a toddler/3 year-old and struggled with sin. But he NEVER sinned. Why? Because he was made to be perfect and complete and we as Christians were conformed to be made in the image of the Man Jesus.

If you think and feel that you are alone in your struggle with either sinning or parenting, Jesus and Mary know how you feel because they have been there. They know what it is like to have ups and downs and sometimes (as a mom) no peace.

But guess what? Before there was Mary, there was Eve. Yes, this mother felt the same way you do today as a woman. God gave her strength just as He did Mary. Don't feel bad! If you struggle with either sin and parenthood or both, I would encourage you to dig into God's Word.
Whether you're a single parent, or married with children, I encourage you to constantly Like I said, Jesus, Mary and Eve oh, and Joseph (Mary's husband) know how you feel. So, depend on not them, but on God. Then you will find peace, love and joy whether you're a parent or family friend. Or just a coworker at work. Share these encouraging words with people who are going through the same issues and people you don't know and do know. Spread the Gospel.

Take care my readers!

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