Thursday, February 11, 2016

Anger versus Tears: the Truth about conversations

Have you ever been in a discussion where suddenly your blood pressure sky rockets and the worst version of you screams to come out? Or how about you decide to back talk to your authority figures and get yourself in trouble?
Don't feel bad, Jesus can forgive you and all your sins. You just need to ask for forgiveness and His Peace will follow. 

Here is what I mean my readers. What I am talking about is when you find yourself in that tight spot it is time to pray and ask two crucial questions to yourself: 1. Is it worth all the while to react badly to this person? and 2. If I react in a snappy tone such as yelling or making a comeback that seems snappy to this person, what glory will come to God and His Son Jesus?

You see, we were made for nice words and calm conversations not arguing or talking back to those in authority. 
James 3 makes it clear that we cannot take the tongue. Hope you find Strength in Jesus and this post helps. 


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