Thursday, February 25, 2016

Christianity: the Truth behind Sin and Regret and How you handle Both

Have you ever done or said something that you REALLY regretted felt horrible afterwards? I am asking because I have been there. I know what it is like to feel deep regret after I have done something wrong.

Hang in there friend! No, seriously, hang onto Jesus Christ! He can wash away your sin(s) as white as  snow! In fact, let me repeat myself, whiter then snow!

In other words, once you have come to the cross and accepted His only Sacrifice, you are no longer judged like this world will be one day! Yes, that's right, He washes you CLEAN before his eyes as his Holy and Spotless Bride! Jesus is so in Love with you that He wants EVERYTHING from you! He wants it ALL! And you are forgiven even if you sin in the near future, you're sins are already forgiven. All you need to pray when you've sinned is: "Lord forgive me and thank you for making me clean!" He knows you inside and out! He wants you, BAD! Give him all you've got! If you're addicted to something that you know if hindering or holding you back from a relationship with the Man Christ Jesus, give it UP! Sexiness, sex drive, drugs, alcohol, beer and rap music meaning the bad stuff that is out there!

He can turn all this stuff you hand Him, into a message. Trust Jesus, He loves you!

And so do I!


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