Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spending Money Versus Letting God Handle Our Finances: A True Story

How do you deal with your budgeting and finances? Maybe you spend or save either a lot or a little. I hope you understand about this subject today because it is important.

Money is money. You have heard it all said before: Money makes the World Go 'Round! Right? Hopefully you can pray after reading my surprise: hint: it's in the text!

I struggle with spending money let me admit. But I have learned not to let money become a god according to the Bible! Unfortunately, there are companies out there that say things like: buy this and you'll be fully satisfied! Not true!

There is the Fruit of the Spirit called Self Control and boy do we need to bear that Fruit bad! Steps I am taking are being cautious about where my money goes by tithing it First! This means I give only 10% of my incomes to The Lord at church. He takes it and multiplies it ten fold.

Then, I spent 10% and live on 80%. Yes, the rule applies to all of us, not just me!

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Lord Jesus, I know I need to get it together with my money habits. Please forgive me for spending too much and not saving enough and not giving 10% back to you. I release the chains of money that may be holding me back from honoring you in this area of my life. I confess the habits I have of spending too much and turn towards you and your Healing Power. Thank you Lord that I can come boldly before your Throne of Grace and confess my habits. I look forward to Listening to your still small Voice that encourages me to be honest with my finances. I Love you Jesus. In your Name, amen.

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