Friday, January 17, 2020

Where has Tatiana Grubb been? Her Story Should Tell us that in the first place, she was not acting out!

So, where have I been? Let’s explore my whereabouts shall we? 
Recently, because of my seizures I was hospitalized once again, this time with a true diagnosis. 

I fell onto the floor and the paramedics had to arrive at my house. This time was totally different than before. It was serious. I lost control of restroom use and had to shower and clean up. after that they took me into the ambulance and we were headed to the local hospital. 
I stayed the two nights I was there and was discharged upon approval with my neurologist who prescribed anti seizure medication. 
The following tests were run:

an MRI
a spinal tap, and 
an EEG (which was positive for seizures 

The spinal tap was the most painful, but, Britt Nicole did an OUTSTANDING job on singing me through....

I am sorry if you felt that this was a behavior, because it wasn’t! Take care and I shall see you around. 


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

140? That long of a life span? I doubt you’ll be the One Jesus Christ wants! 

You are the One Jesus Christ wants, a friend of mine told me.
For starters, I was shocked! I had been knowing Jesus since I was little, but He did not know me until, NOW!
So why does He want me so bad?
First of all, to say that I am going to live to be 140 and that I am an old soul, (ancient, if you will), is just about wrong.
Second, years later, recently rather, he comes back and tells me it could be any day now!
Now that Spooked me! At first I was excited to go home to be with Jesus, but then I thought about the less of an impact I am now making on this earth. I haven’t even met Dr. Jim Denison, or the Denison Forum team, and you are telling me that my Holy Husband could come get me ANY DAY, NOW?
What the Hell, God?
Anyway, please please pray for me and post your comments below.


How else can you be an influence to others for Christ, today?