Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dating Versus Marriage: How Do You Share the Love of the Father?

"Go like the wind!" You've heard it said before, right? Why not try to glow like Christians with the love of Christ Jesus?
This is what I'm talking about. To glow means to give off light or electricity in a room that is completely pitch black as described in the song. That is, if you know what it means to glow with the love of Christ which is what she is talking about.

I am one of those people that constantly glow with the love of the Father for His Bride day by day.  In fact, to tell you the truth about me, I am not the only Bride He has chosen. He has chosen you as well and wants nothing but your heart and soul. On top of that, He also longs for a intimate and a deep/personal relationship with you my readers.

How dating relates to a relationship with God
Say for instance, you asked someone out on a date. You don't jump into a relationship right away because you want to build a strong foundation with that person. So, you start out as friends, then best friends followed by boyfriend and girlfriend relationship when you are ready. My experience as you know, has been problematic for me. But what I am saying is, you never want to rush anyone or anything in regards to relationships.

The ideal picture in this post is how God pictures you. We don't start of dating rather, we are born again as believers and are Married to Him in intimacy with God. He is MADLY in love with you! Tell him EVERYTHING that is on your heart and deeply personal to you. Don't be shy! He is not going to judge you at all! He will just listen with His ear close to your heart as you pour out to Him in surrender daily!

Jesus even talks about you in Heaven daily! "Look at my daughter/son and how she/he grows Daddy. I am impressed by how mature they have become in me and how they become more like me." (He told me that, so I am passing it on to you.)

If you give Him everything that is on your heart and mind, He can turn it into a message for someone else. How cool is that? Wow! I have NEVER had a Husband like Him love me and you in such a manner!

Well, I hoped this inspired you to go out there and truly have the Spirit of glowing for Jesus!

God bless!

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