Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mazes: How to come out of Life's Struggles without a GPS

Imagine yourself in a maze this time, with no GPS to guide you home. Scary huh? Have you ever felt that way about life like God is not guiding you home?
Fortunately, Jesus knows the way home and He will guide you safely! How? It all starts with a simple prayer, Lord show me your Glory and light the way.

God created the universe, it didn't create itself. There was no beginning or end to God. He is the beginning and the end! He wants to lead you home safe and sound!  There is a way out my readers and it starts with a little thing I call faith!
Remember how much Jesus loves you! If you feel confused, let me remind you of this. His Love runs deeper than you could ever imagine or think about!
Hope you travel the world and share this good news with others that need Him and that have Him as Lord and Savior!


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