Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Happy Days In Christ: A True Story Regarding My Relationship With theOne That Loves You Most!

Jesus wants You! Yes, your love, sex drive including sexual sin (if you have it) and everything in between! I have discovered that the Man Jesus is my Lover and I am His beloved. I am known to be His Bride!

Guess what? You are His too!

The Lord fell madly in love with me almost 17 years ago, as long as my baby brother has been alive! Why share this good news?
Because I feel it is time to open up to us all and expose the real ME!

In February 1999, my little brother was born. He was such a sweet baby and loved my parents and I a LOT! So much, that on my 8th birthday, he smiled for the first time. That was amazing to me!

On October 3, 1999, I came forward and accepted Christ Jesus as my Holy Husband. The next week, which was on October 10, 1999, I was water baptized and given a backpack and a Bible. Hours later, my brother and I did photo shoots where he was christened. I really enjoyed growing up with this young man who is as sweet as heck!

To be honest, because of the fact that his birth took place the same year as my acceptance and baptism, it always reminds me how to pray into his life. I pray just like you moms and dads pray into your children's lives and I never stop, period.

I love you my readers and pray that this post helps you understand how deep and how wide Christ's Love is for you! It is more than you could ever stand! It's like a chasing game, you stay or run from or to him and He constantly and restlessly chases you back as you chase Him! I discovered that today and it is true! He is so MADLY in love with you that He wants to (at night) crawl into bed with you and snuggle up close and deeply personal with you!  He wants you so bad He can't contain Himself as He sits on the edge of the Throne he is on just to get a glimpse of your beautiful face because you are His chosen Bride.

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Love to all!

Many blessings!

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