Thursday, July 21, 2016

The true reality of a marriage situation: how to become peaceful in themidst of marriage problems

Remember when you were a kid and your parents used to argue and fight? Maybe a little, maybe a lot? 
Recently, my pastor and his wife shared how to solve a marriage problem without remorse. How you may ask?
They would not even “peck” one another on the cheek until the problem was SOLVED. Yes, you have to solve a problem without remorse in your marriage! 
There is no exit door in a marriage a coworker told me yesterday! 

Here is what I mean: when you argue with your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend in that manner, you need to take a step back and realize you had a part in this argument too, not just them. 

Now to the married couples out there. If you argue with your spouse and you sense there may be something wrong with them, check yourself FIRST! Ask your Holy Spirit if there is something going on inside of YOU before you make a judgement on them! 

In other words, if you want a better marriage, realize that God doesn't want you to be a fix him/her spouse for he wants you to be a love him/her spouse. Trying to fix the other half of you lead to such frustration especially since they are not always the ones that need to change. As your heart shifts to simply loving your man/woman of God, you will begin to see progress in your marriage. Do you still get frustrated and hurt? Of course! It's so much fun choosing to love your spouse instead of trying to fix them.

Well, I hope and pray that this post has helped you out! Have a good day!

Blessings to the married and unmarried out there!

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