Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pastors: Be careful who you Let speak into your life, you havebeenWARNED!

Please have your bibles ready and please be willing to be open to what God has on my heart to protect you from the outside preachers in this world.  

Okay, you know how I usually don’t tell you about other pastors and the way they preach? Well, it’s time to unfold the “good” the “bad” and the “ugly.” 

This pastor frustrates my spiritual walk with the way he “tosses God’s word around.” I was talking with a friend today at work and she told me that the first thing preachers like him do is throw out a pearl of “wisdom” and claim it to be from God’s word. 

The truth is, it’s not.

The bible makes its teaching CLEAR as crystal and it shines like Gold. Matthew 24:4-5;10-12, says that many false prophets have entered the world and these are the beginning of birth pains. What I am talking about here is how Joel has taught his followers “teachings from God’s word” so to speak. This basically means that his teachings are not biblically viewed as bible based truth because they are all lies. 

I don’t believe in chance and that our lives are filled with random occurrences for example as mentioned in the link above. Quite frankly, I believe that whatever it is that this person is teaching, is false doctrine. 

It’s true that most of us believe what he says. But most of us don’t realize that he is one of those prophets that comes in “sheep’s clothing” ready to devour even the elect. I am referring to Matthew 24:24, and Mark 13:20-23. God’s chosen people and the like.

I hope this post and many others encourage you to dig deeply into God’s word and distinguish the difference between true and false people who “teach” Christ. 


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