Thursday, July 14, 2016

Searching for Answers and Trying to Find My "Way" back to God

Sometimes I wonder if signs ever make a difference. In this video,, we see that Jesus is the One and only way to heaven and Salvation.

Signs sometimes make a difference, but what I am referring to is the Last Days and now. See Acts 2:17-22. I strongly believe the teaching of Joel tells believers that they are not in the last days (now) and that back in biblical times, the last days have occurred. I also believe that even though people proclaim that JC will return, soon, that he will not return for a WHILE on earth. However, we must be prepared for the return of Christ regardless of what people think or say or do who are trying to make us believe that he will return today or next year! The power of the Holy Spirit has changed me and worked through me by ministering to me and having me minister to others Online and in public places as well as private places. 

It's true that many people today are constantly searching for answers that only Jesus and God the Father provide.

Answers are found in the posts below: Here is an answer to a bible study question: Peter's instructions were to come to faith in Jesus and be baptized in water every one of them. The promise is they will be saved from this corrupt generation. Today, I see these responses have either rejection or accepting the gift of Love offered through Jesus Christ.  

Try studying the book of Joel. That should give you a clue on what I mean by Last Days. 

Well, I pray that this post has led you to believe that Christ and his teachings are true:


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