Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Death in the Family: How we all have an opportunity to grow in faith despite our circumstances

Ever wanted to know whether or not your parents especially dad, love you in hard times?
Take it from Britt Nicole whose parents divorced at age seven. Now,  I was just born that year and something about a similar issue occurred about fourteen years into my life.

News: My father passed away on my little brother's seventh birthday!

We as a family, went through hell together:

  • I had three hospital visits due to mental instability,
  • as a family, we had to deal with the fact that dad is no longer on earth,
  • we worked as a team, not just an ordinary family!
I will admit, it was TOUGH! God prepared my family and I for our father's death and thereafter, gave us strength to carry our heavy loads of grief and move on to this day! 
I love feeding hungry spirits how about you? 

I hope this short clip of a true story inspires you to reach out to those around you who are hurting and need the love of Christ! 

Love to all!

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