Saturday, May 14, 2016

Jesus, yes Jesus is AFTER His bride: You!

Jesus is AFTER your body, soul and spirit! Wow! What a queen you will be one day whether on earth you are a man, woman, boy or girl!
Yes, He pursues us as his Bride! And one day we will all rule and reign with Him in both a new heaven and a new earth! What a joy!

Here is proof in the "pudding" that he constantly runs after you:

It's true we all have also, at the same time, fallen for or tried to find love in another's eyes searching for water but came up dry:

Not one satisfies but Jesus Christ!

He loves you and WANTS everything including your sex drive. I have discovered that once I surrender this urge inside earthly marriage, I find peace and feel like Jesus Christ is my Everything including my sex drive and so on!

This does not mean that you can pursue a relationship status. It means that if you are single like me, you have everything you need to live a holy life and honor God with your sexual desire and completely become His Desire. His Desire is more than what an actual sex drive is worth. Trust me that if you have not surrendered this precious gift I suggest you do so now! You will find complete peace and make it through life not smooth sailing though.

God wants his Son to have a perfect bride so he can partner with her in holy unison both on earth and in heaven. He is looking for a bride that is after his Heart.

We are the Church and we are the bride of Christ!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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