Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day: Remembering those who lost their lives but gained our country's Hope

It's Memorial Day! Yeah!


Maybe you're one of those people that lost a loved one during WWII, WWI or Civil War or beyond! I know how you feel! Trust me! Better yet, trust Jesus! Even better, trust in the Almighty Creator, not evolution!

Where am I going with this? Jesus loves me and for me, today was tough! I cried like a baby crying my eyeballs out wondering where my daddy is: he is in Heaven with Jesus!

A friend of mine today comforted me by telling me to let it go and blog! Maybe write! So I am doing just that!

Found here: is a link to pure happiness but is only the beginning of happiness!

So truly enjoy today! Remember those who have given their lives for our precious, precious, country because:

May Jesus bless you as you navigate through this life with each other: hand in hand as a whole in the USA!

Jesus rules!

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