Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jesus is Coming Soon! Or is he? The true reality of Christ and the return for His Bride


Okay, let me lay down the law here: Jesus is coming soon!

Here is what I meant. I am telling you this fact so that it does not surprise you when he shows up! Yes, there are news reports about the second coming of Christ Jesus. But did you even REALIZE that those predictions may be false?

I mean, come on here! We all know from what scripture tells us regarding this event: that there will be wars and rumors of wars and so on.

Today's sermon: deals with EXACTLY that subject!

You may think I am nuts and that this is a joke but the truth is it isn't a joke at all! I want the best for my readers and want them to know that Jesus is returning: ttp://!

Do NOT be deceived. God cannot be mocked. We as children reap what we sow!

Tears are streaming down my face in my soul as I write this post!
I am trying to protect you from deceit that includes the news and the Church!

Thanks for taking the time to read and hear this bible message from God through me! I may not be a pastor by law but this ministry: can help heal you and restore relationships that you or someone may have broken. Love on the Lord and on each other as He Jesus has loved you!


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