Sunday, May 29, 2016

How Do We Men and Wojmen Compare Ourselves? Don't Do It, It's a Trap!

Have you as a young female, ever thought that you could not "get it all done?" I have news for you: you don't have to get it all done because Jesus paid it ALL and got it all DONE! Amen?

I am shocked at the number of people who tell other young girls and young women how they don't measure up to the world's standards:!

You don't have to believe the accusing lie that tells every female whether young or old that if you don't measure up to the world's way of living (ungodliness) that you will NEVER make it in life!

Don't LISTEN to the world's view of things! Especially its view on Christianity and how it is just another religion!

In this bible passage, we find that wanting more than what God gives us of what we need is a problem: see Genesis 3-

Hope this encourages you to pass this message on to others @

Have a blessed day and I will see you all tomorrow!


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