Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jesus is coming soon: The Reality Check on Christ's Second Coming to Earth

Do you believe Jesus is coming?

This article: should not at all surprise any of you!

You know the Truth by now right? Here is another hint:

What I am getting at here is that I believe with all my heart that the reason Billy is alive is NOT because Jesus is returning! I strongly believe the reason he is alive is because God wants him to experience life in his ministry here on earth.

See for yourself:
The reality is this:

See what I meant to the exact? Someone will one day tell us all: "Look, there He is!" or "Jesus is here, let's go out and meet him!"

I bought headphones (again) today, and I don't think Jesus is going to come back tonight, though he can!
What an example of what I am trying to cross here with you!

Anyway, I hope and pray this encourages you to be wise and discerning about what and who (in terms of pastors) you listen to! Each message is preached differently! So beware!

Insight starts here:

Love to all!

In Joy,

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