Friday, May 27, 2016

How to Correctly Place the Helmet of Salvation Directly on your head: Are you lying about my thoughts?

Do you ever have anger or anxiety issues? Do you battle with thoughts in your head?

I struggle with this too, believe it or not. I have learned that when Satan messes with my head in this way, not to believe the lie that says that when I tell people my thoughts and how they're bothering me it's "attention seeking."

This fact is actually a lie! Beware!

The bible makes it clear that Jesus struggled with bullying thoughts as well. Satan is REAL and powerful and if we are not careful, he can get into our thoughts and irritate us to the point where we want to SCREAM! I know, trust Jesus we've been there!

Here is actual proof I am NOT lying:

Hope you know and understand the truth in John 8. Act on it!


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