Thursday, June 2, 2016

Issues with our Culture Today and Everyday: How to Change our World One "Bite" At a Time

You know something? I am overwhelmed with grief over the transgender issue, schools and bakery's being RUINED by ungodly men and women, and finally people acting like a lie saying they do believe in a God but don't show it!

You know what I mean right? This article should give you a clue:!

Seriously? Yes, SERIOUSLY!

I just realized how much this world meant to God and me! I mean come on! This should give you another hint to where this post is coming from and going.

Listen CAREFULLY:  our world is becoming more and more corrupt. Jesus is coming soon, but not for a WHILE!  Who knows? Only the Father!

This post may not have to do with what I am getting at here, but I really want you to listen to what God (not me) has to say in it:

I pray you found peace in this post and many others:!

Let Jesus heal this generation and earth from the INSIDE OUT!

Many blessings!

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