Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Handbags and purses: the reality of not carrying around so much junk inour lives

Handbags and purses, we all want them! And we even carry around of what is most in them like makeup, pens, wallets and credit or debit cards if we don't have cash.
But today I want to talk about how important it is not to "carry" around issues that have been resolved. Much like a hand bag or purse to the exact. 

Today was a great day to learn that lesson. As for myself, well, I definitely learned that lesson! 
My point? When a issue arises among you and someone else and you have resolved the issue(s) by talking about it and working through it, do NOT under any circumstances carry that issue with you into your home if it was at work, work if it was at home, and reverse! 
People don't want to hear you grumble and complain about your issues though they have been resolved. 
In fact, to make it more clear, leave it at the foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ! 

Hope this post teaches you a big lesson in your life and please share this post with others! 


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