Saturday, June 4, 2016

Doing What the Lord Commands: How to be fully Obedient to God's Word

Have you ever wondered in a desert for 40 years or maybe something similar? Maybe you're thinking, "What do you mean by wondering in a desert for 40 years? I've never had that experience."

God's people were the Israelites and were trapped in a land of slavery for generations and generations (400 years.) God had promised to set them free but once they were freed there was a Red Sea blocking their only escape.
Yet, when Moses, who was there leader for 40 years, stretched out his hands over the Sea, the bible says that all night, God parted the Sea so they could cross on dry land even though they could not see Him at work. He was helping them just as he promised.

Generations later, the Israelites did evil in the sight of their God and were severely punished as a result. They were handed over to other kings and nations who did harm to them. Then, they cried out to the Lord again and he sent them a Judge: Deborah.;+judges+5

Read the chapters above and you will understand what I say when I talk about how God will deliver you and your families and friends from disaster as long as you listen and do what he commands!

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