Monday, June 27, 2016

Hard Lessons Learned in Life: Don't Tell me to Run from my Mistakes and Problems

Lessons in life are learned the hard way. You know what I mean?

Example: I was on Facebook and saw a post needing prayer. I mistakenly sent the person (who I didn't know) a friend request and they asked me who I was.

I politely apologized sincerely and quickly explained who I was and told him/her I was sorry.
The fact that I have not heard from them is a big hit in the Kingdom.

Jesus loves us when we make mistakes like this. Even huge ones. Yes, life is not perfect, but there are important lessons to learn in life and don't try to run away from them because they will bite you back later.

More importantly, Jesus loves it when we admit our mistakes and fully turn from our sins. He loves it when we learn from our mistakes, even the tiny ones.

Hope this encourages you to look to the Author and Finisher of your faith and not dwell on your past mistakes once forgiven by the One that created you!


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