Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Election Season vs. America's Hope for the Future: Think Long and HardBefore Voting

Wow! Really?

You might be wondering why I am asking this. Here's why: http://m.christianpost.com/news/donald-trump-evangelical-leaders-disobey-bible-dont-pray-for-all-political-leaders-thats-politically-correct-video-165476/

Please pray for our country!!! Where did America go? Where will she land this election season as we as a nation prepare to move on to bigger and maybe better things?

The real question lays: Where is God?

Jesus, who is God's one and only Son, is right here: https://youtu.be/R9_caMq_iYc!

I hope this inspires you to think HIGHLY about Jesus Christ who believe it or not, is King over all nations!

Many blessings!

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