Saturday, June 25, 2016

Blessings and Woes: How to be alert in the Short time we have here on earth

As mentioned in his song, "House of God," Bart from MercyMe speaks about entering God's Holy Place such as a church which BTW, we can do thanks to Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross.

What am I trying to communicate here? Even though we know we can go to God through a church, we can do that through boldness and enter the Holy of Holies which is the Throne of Grace.

 However, according to the bible, you have two different choices to go to when you die: Heaven and Hell.

See my post: for further details about this life.

At this point, the debt has been paid, and the battle over sin and death has been waged and WON! Amen?

Hope this post: encourages you through your days here on earth.

Have a blessed day!


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