Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Honor your family: the truth about love and friendship

Have someone ever told you that Christians call God Allah in a different way then Muslims do?
Recently I was talking with a family member about this subject and she told me that Jesus' language was Aramaic which is true. And I do believe that. 
But this morning I was confronted by a friend of mine who reminded me that Christians calling God Allah, is false teaching. However, like I said in my earlier post yesterday, we should check Scripture regularly to see if what they are saying is true or if it is against or contrary to the Bible. 

Above is a picture of a Muslim temple. They at their church call God Allah. 

We Christians call on our God who is Jesus Christ the Messiah! 

You see there is a difference between Muslims and Christians calling God in that name (Allah.) 
My friend who explained this told me that she went to Israel in Jerusalem and saw Jesus' Cross. 
Sad news: above His crucifixion was a sign put by Muslims which read:  

"There is no God but Allah!" 

Muslims people! Muslims put that sign on Jesus' Cross! Now tell me we Christians call God and Jesus Allah! 

I love you my readers but I don't want you to fall into a pit of dispair just because someone told you what they believe is the truth about Jesus and religion. 

Love to all! 

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