Friday, March 3, 2017

Caffeinated Drinks Versus Waking Up Every Morning: How do you surrender your all to the Lord God Almighty?

What does it mean to fully surrender to the Lord God Almighty? Hillary Scott’s song: help yo understand what I am talking about when I say fully surrender to the Lord. 

To be honest, and to ask, how do you use your energy once you surrender to Him? 

Now, I don’t drink soda, tea or coffee, because I have always been hyper off my own energy. Where do I get this “energy?” 

Step one: Before my feet hit the floor, my knees hit the mattress which means I roll over and pray after sleeping on my side. I pray for five minutes. 

Step two: The split second my feet hit the floor, my prayer is, “Jesus give me energy.” When I start to feel drowsy or sleepy, my prayer is, “Jesus wake me up!”

Step three: I take in a cup of cold water before breakfast and another cup after eating and taking my medication. 

Finally, I am ready to GO! 

But that’s just my surrender story on caffeine. 

What does it mean for you to fully surrender to the Lord God Almighty? 
I would love to hear your story and hopefully mine helped you out. 


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