Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Miscarriage in the womb? How Can This Be? God's got answers!

Have you ever been pregnant and about four days later or a week later, suddenly you don't have a baby growing inside you?
Miscarriages. They happened all the time to women who are pregnant. Fortunately, the bible has the ability to comfort women who miscarry even there firstborn child:
God promises health for even the healthiest mothers of their children. Yes! He does.
I hope and pray that Jesus comes by your side if you have EVER miscarried or even though you are pregnant and think you might miscarry., this song is about a woman who miscarried her second child. Listen carefully to what she sings because it might apply to you, regardless of stage of pregnancy or your child's life.

If you think in your heart and mind that God is going to fail you, think again!

Praying for you women and husbands out there that are walking through this tragedy.

God bless!

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