Friday, March 24, 2017

Venting to others while we are supposed to work with God Almighty

Have you ever felt the need to vent to others because you are dealing with a situation? 
God told me today that when we don't tell him about our problems and deal with them with his help before we go to someone asking for prayer, we desolate God and miss out on his plan for our lives! 
Here is what I mean: when God brings up an issue that we need to deal with, we need to talk to him because: 1. It is none of their business, and 2. You only make it worse by not dealing with something that only God wants you to deal with. 
So when God brings up an issue that he sees, it is best to ask him for help and let the Holy Spirit do the work in you. 
But, if God sees that you are not working in the way he has provided and are ifnoring his decrees, THAT is when you are allowed to go to a pastor or servant/friend for help. 
Pick a godly friend who is a true Christian and tell them that you have been told by God about this problem that you feel that he is telling you that you are not making progress and you need prayer. Ask them to hold you accountable for your situation and even afterwards, hold onto Christ because he is your Rock the eternal God.
So I hope that you are encouraged about this delicate issue. 


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