Thursday, February 16, 2017

Staying Safe Online and Wherever God Leads You

Did you ever wonder why people are following you on Twitter? Or how about Snapchat followers who only want one thing: sex?

Sometimes, we need to look past the issue and look deeper into what I call the issue behind the issue. In other words, when someone like a celebrity follows you on anything related to the World Wide Web, look for a check mark by their name.

I made that mistake too and not just you. If you haven’t already, before you follow someone who is following you, look for the check mark right by their name. It can be a celebrity’s personal aide or assistant wanting to tell that person about your tweets or whatever.

Here’s the catch: stay safe and do NOT go crazy Online. I want everyone to be safe and stay SAFE!

I hope you or myself learned a valuable lesson for this experience. Remember, to let compassion rise, God’s will judge justly if you need it, and let love lead.


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