Friday, February 3, 2017

Being Honest on honest versus dishonest scales

I will confess I have not been honest with my money and resources.
This means I have not been running after Jesus and running after material possessions and stuff. 
This can and will hurt my spiritual walk with my Savior. If I am not careful, it could become an idol and according to the bible, this is called idolatry. 
Leviticus makes it clear that we are to not worship an idol for we are to worship the one true God. 
Throughout the bible, God calls us to love him no matter what the cost is. In fact, in Matthew, Mark and Luke, Jesus calls us to pick up our cross daily and follow him completely. What does he mean? 
Everyday we wake up and say to Jesus that we are going to deny ourself and be willing to die in that concept of life. 
Next we commit to follow him regardless of the cost which he paid so we don't have to. 
Finally, we tell others about Christ and his work on the cross for their sins so that they can be forgiven and set free by receiving him as Lord and Savior. 
Becaus of our world and society today, it is still possible to come to the cross and receive Jesus as Lord Jesus. 

Hope you have a great day and God bless! 

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