Thursday, February 23, 2017

Looking at yourself through the eyes of love

My name is Tatiana and I want people to like me. 

People pleasing. We all want it BAD. But the reality is if God calls us to love others and not please them, then what are we doing saying that we want others to like us?

However, if I seek to please others rather then God himself, I fall into the trap of deception.
Don’t fall into the trap of deceiving yourself through self indulgence. It’s not worth it.

God’s opinion matters more then man’s. When you come to that area in your life where you want people to like you, stop and think: “is this really glorifying me or glorifying God?” Also, “Is this even worth my time and energy?” is another question to ask yourself. can help you understand exact what I am saying to you. I hope you learn a lot from me and pray that I am feeding you good spiritual food.

May God bless you as you feast on him and only him alone.


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