Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lying is a Horrible Sin: It can get you in Trouble with Hell

Your turn Jesus! It's your turn to break apart the lies that I am believing about myself. How can I do this?
Simple: believe what Jesus has to say about you and not the world.

I also need to confess something. When I am confronted about something I said or did, I cover the truth with lies so that when I lie, it looks like the truth. But it's not!

Bitterness has gotten ahold of me and I need to let things go! I will tell you this much, lying is what will get you in trouble both with the world and with God Almighty. Don't think that just because he is the Almighty and you are a Christian, that God cannot bring calamity upon you. Just because he recuses the poor and needy, does not mean that when you as a Christian, sin, he will restrain from bringing calamity against you or me! Beware!

I hope the video above and this message has in some way connected with you and convicted you if you are legally guilty of any sin: including lying.


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