Saturday, October 22, 2016

Working through the tough times in this life: How to spread God's word through writing

What inspires you to write a blog post or short story? Maybe it's something that happened to you or a friend.
Whatever the case, write about it. It hurts your body more than your spirit when you hold all this information inside. You will blow up if you don't let it out and tell and minister to others through writing.
Proverbs 3:5-6 says to trust in the Lord with all your heart and not to lean on your own understanding. We all know that's true, but what about our hearts? Are we holding things in that we need to let go of?
Last weeks pull from the nursery, really hit home for me. The fact that this man of God pursued me out of love and jealousy with the heart of the Father, I know I am coming back into the spirit of ushering at my church as he fathers me spiritually speaking.

Pause for a minute and ask God to give you a heart of love for His Church, the Bride. Know that you are loved and when you tell your story Online, or through a book, it changes LIVES. Lives are being changed because people see your testimony of God and begin to feel His Presence through you!
So, change the world. Not by sitting on the couch but by worshiping and spreading the Gospel message for the world to hear!

What's your story? Share below by commenting!


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