Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fear vs truth and lies

Isn't it true that if we live in fear we are believing a lie? A lead singer was reading a book by an Russian author and the following phrase jumped at him. It read: "Avoid fear; although fear is simply the consequence of every lie."
So, now you have Satan who is known as the "father of lies" telling us to believe something because it's fearful.
Meanwhile, you have God who repeatedly tells us "do not be afraid." True?

What I have learned from this statement is that when the enemy comes along and tells me that it's okay to feel fear, it's really a lie. Can you trace any fear back to a lie? I can but it's not easy at times.

My challenge to you is that when Satan comes along giving you smack, trace that back to whether it's a lie or not. Can you do it?

I know you can!

God bless you readers!

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