Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Bride

Ladies and gentlemen: presenting the most famous book out of the Song of Solomon. The Bride.
This book was written for the purpose of sharing with the world about Jesus Christ  and how he wants to be your Husband. 
The story is based upon the biblical book for several reasons.
1. It is told that a young shepeardess falls in love with the King of Kings. 
2. As she does, she discovers who he is and who she is in his eyes of love.
3. She also discovers that she is destined to rule in royalty with him as his eternal Bride. 

If you have never accepted Christ this is your chance! The book you can find at a local Christian bookstore and it's by Rhonda Calhoun. I think you will enjoy it.
If you are a Christian, fall in love with the bible through this book just for revelation. Come. Draw from Jesus. Jesus is the well we need to draw from not each other. If we draw from one another we will always be thirsty. Point yourself and your family to the bible. First scripture I would go to is Psalm 139. Amazing! 
Happy blogging and stay safe online! 
God bless!

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