Saturday, July 27, 2013

Who do you live your life for? Christ? Yourself?

What has my life been like all this week?
I have had my orientation at MPC. I called my girlfriend up to wish her a happy 20th birthday. 
But in the midst of all this stuff, I need to stop and think: what was my part in the kingdom? What role did I play being Jesus' bride? Yes, my blog address me as his bride but the reality is if I don't act like it, who will remember who I was or who God was through me when I leve this planet? 
That is my ultimate question to you: at the end of your day who do you want to be remembered as? Who gets the glory, you or God? Think about that as you ponder my words of how important it is to live your life for Christ's sake. Please feel absolutely free to comment and leave questions so I can answer them. God bless everyone!

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