Saturday, July 20, 2013

Just living the life

Today's reading struck me down. As we all know, living a life for Christ's sake is important but it is as equally important that we build our Lord's house heart fully. Take a look. 

 We may have the biggest dream and passion to buy the most beautiful home for our family oneday, but what if this dream never materialises? Would we still worship and serve God with all our hearts? Our Father wants us to set goals and have dreams for our future, but not at the expense of destroying our relationship with God.

Just because things do not turn out the way we expect, does not give us the right to get angry and bitter at God. Today's words of encouragement are about aiming high and dreaming the biggest dreams of all dreams, while appreciating the challenges and tests of life God allows.

Our dreams, desires, and response to the tests of life affect the house we are to build for our Lord. God is the one who builds the house; let us not forget this key verse (Psalm 127:1). However, if our dreams and passions do not align to God's will for our lives,are we not building the Lord's house in vain? If we respond poorly to the Lord's tests, then are not our foundations poor in the eyes of God?

At this point, let us check our hearts to see if our dreams are aligned to God's will or our selfish desires. Furthermore, how have we responded to the tests our Lord allows? We may haveall the money and power in the world to purchase the most beautiful and the grandest of all homes, but if the Lord does not dwell in it,He might be sending us a very clear message. Are we ready to listen?

Psalm 40:8 I DESIRE to do YOUR WILL, my GOD; Your law is within my heart.

I mean wow! 

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