Monday, November 21, 2016

Prayer Requests in a timely manner: pray for all believers andunbelievers

Nabeel is in need of prayer. Check out this post from yesterday:
Those of you who are praying for my brother in the Lord and his stage 4 stomach cancer: he is slowly being healed! This gentleman was a devout Muslim and is an author and international speaker of Christ for ministry.
The mass in his stomach that caused  the cancer is gone!
However, like the story in the bible where Jesus heals the blind man once, he asked him what he saw. The man told him how he saw trees that look like people and Jesus touched the man's eyes again. When asked what he saw this time, it was reported that he saw people. This was the Devine healing that this young man who has the cancer is waiting for! 
So pray!!

I don't know how you are praying for Nabeel but keep it up! 

Praying for all of you as well!


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