Friday, September 16, 2016

Peace Be With Whom? Jesus' Perfect Peace Be With You!

Do you ever feel like you failed as a friend?
Say someone has a massive problem and you struggle with the consequences of what your friend wants to do. When you withdraw from that friend because of the situation they are in, you miss a chance to grow with them and help them through their struggle regardless of how you feel.

Do you get what I am saying to you?

If someone like you is struggling with an addiction, or a habit, you would want to stay by that person's side. Why?

Because we serve a God who never LEAVES us even in our darkest days of hurt, struggle, and disappointment. Imagine that! God NEVER leaves us if we commit to follow Him the moment we receive him as Lord and Savior into your life. Wow! What an amazing God AND promise!

Thank you for reading this post and many others like them! I appreciate your readings and love you as such!


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