Friday, September 23, 2016

Are You Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? The choice is Really up To God! Let's talk.

"I'm pregnant." said the girlfriend.
Boyfriend: You're WHAT?
Girlfriend: Pregnant. That means I have a baby growing inside of me.

For most of us young people, once we lay down and have intercourse, we never know what may come back up.

I am saying that pregnancy when planned or unplanned this way when you are not married is not biblical. At all!

No child growing inside its mother's womb wants to be murdered while still in the process of development.

It breaks my spirit and God's that even mother's today abort their unborn child even if the child appears to have a "messed up" head and a disability while in her.

It doesn't matter if you have been raped or assaulted by anyone, if you are pregnant, plan on KEEPING THAT BABY because God has a serious and even jealous plan and love for you and your child's future.

The number one murder case: Abortion.

Please keep your baby(s). God has a divine plan and your choice to abort short circuits His holy plan you and the baby might miss out on!

Want to talk if you are considering abortion and need godly advice? Comment below!

Welcome my friends and babies!

Your unborn baby LOVES you so much!

Yours in Christ,

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