Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Knowing Who the Savior of the World is Versus just knowing about thisJesus

Have you ever wondered why your life is so fragile and frail?

Growing up, in the faith, I didn't know Jesus! Yes, I said it! It took the following to happen in order to truly MEET Jesus:
• I robbed my mother twice from the same bank in two different years,
• my lead pastor had to preach a violent message to all my friends at my church in order to fully rip me from Charasmatics. 
(Make that a Spiritual rip!)
Oh, and,
• my doctor had to tell me that I am at risk for diabetes type 2 in order to get me back in shape. 

Yes, so growing up, I didn't fully know Jesus as Lord and Savior until now. In other words, I "knew" him, but never had the chance to fully understand who he is until now!

So you see my friends when you come face to face with Jesus, you actually want to know him more and more. 

Okay I have to go, but I love you my readers! Take care!


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