Saturday, October 26, 2013

Inner beauty versus outer appearance: the truth behind looks

Want to know and understand what beauty is? Let's take a look at this video and see what our Lord says versus what our society says.

See what I mean? Now you might think that the price of beauty means looking great and cute and what not. Right? News flash: you are wrong! Unfortunately, 1peter 3:1-6 tells us that inner beauty comes from the heart not from the outer appearance.
You understand what I mean right? Here's an explanation: society treats us ladies like we need outer things to look cute and beautiful. In other words, people will say things like: that doesn't look cute without makeup." What we need to get at as Christians is look at the beauty of the cross and say to others "you look beautiful with or without that material on your body no matter how you dress or wear it!" At the end of the day, who is glorified as beauty queen, no one! Just you and Jesus reigning together. That's how beautiful you look always. Feel free to search for more Christian videos of artists that inspire you and remember: you never have to look one way or another. Just be yourself.


  1. I know this from experience yes been subscribing to this all / most of my life as I have my own story to tell on this topic.

    1. Thanks for your comment.
      Hope you agree or disagree with what I say on this site one way or another.