Saturday, December 3, 2016

Exercise is Important to growth: starts here!

How many of you are familiar with Zumba? 
Check this out! 

Summary of How Zumba Began

The article “Meet the Man behind Zumba: Beto Perez” explores how Zumba had gotten started and who founded it. Four years before his big break, he took four unsuccessful trips from his native Columbia to Miami. He ran into a lot of resistance from managers of the gyms to view his fitness videotapes. After many tries and being unsuccessful, finally one manager said, “Teach me Zumba.” It was 3pm with an empty gym, and he started to teach the manager. After twenty minutes of teaching, fifteen other people had joined his class. They all believed it was a new class and wanted to sign up. The manager invited him to teach Saturday morning classes. Zumba has an enticing rthym of the combination of music, such as salsa, merengue, and reggae tone. This music makes people have fun, sweat and exercise. Ten years later in seventy-five countries, Zumba has touched people and has made it into their homes, towns and gyms. 

Exercise is important and crucial in order to grow into an adult or grow in our faith. 

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