Monday, January 11, 2016

Maturity: how we are NOT made perfect but complete

Today I want to focus on a little area called maturity. 
Now, here is what I mean: I mean that those of us who are believers in Christ are made holy in terms of his Sacrifice for us. This does not mean however that we are made to be perfect but are going to be made into His image alone. 
See the incomplete puzzle? This was put together by me and may not have been completed. It's not. 
You see, we as Christians tend to think that maturity level as believers needs to become perfect in God's eyes. Yet, that comes when we get to see Jesus face to face one day in heaven, not on earth. We won't become perfect on earth because Jesus was the only Man who was born perfect and died a cruel death. 
However, we can ask Him to make us more like him in his Image, not our own perfection. 
Well, it's time for me to go, but I love you my readers and hope and pray that you find freedom in Him for only Jesus can make you into the man or woman he has created you to become one day. 


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